Consulting projects tailored to individual clients’ needs

In order to meet the increasing demands of clients from the agri-business sector, SPARKS POLSKA has introduced special programs based on close cooperation with companies from the sector. Each project is carried out individually, taking into account current and future needs of a client:

  • close cooperation with consultants, developing individual analyzes, forecasts, studies and reports;
  • constant telephone contact of consultants with clients, on-going consulting and assistance in solving problems;
  • providing market analyses and forecasts tailored to the needs of each client;

Developing detailed information products and databases

In addition, we offer our assistance to companies operating in Poland, other EU countries, and the CIS countries in obtaining detailed market information, and identifying key factors that may have a significant impact on future development of agricultural markets, and the agri-business sector.

  • analyses of selected segments of the agri-business sector;
  • analyzes of selected agricultural market segments;
  • strategic profiles of companies;
  • competitive analyses;

Analysis of potential investment and development opportunities

The region where SPARKS POLSKA operates creates many opportunities for local and international companies seeking development opportunities. SPARKS POLSKA with its skills and extensive contacts with local and international companies also offers services aimed at identifying business development opportunities.

Multi-Client studies

Every year, Sparks Polska develops multi-client studies on topics related to selected segments of the agricultural market and agro-business sector.