Grain and Oilseed Markets


Current fundamental analyses of grain and oilseed markets in Poland, the EU, and globally

Monthly bulletin the Overview of Grain, Feed & Oilseed Markets in Poland and the World:

  • current analyses of the situation on grain, oilseed, and feed component markets in the country;
  • most up-to-date grain and oilseed balance sheets for Poland;
  • latest statistics on foreign trade in grain, oilseeds, and their derivatives;
  • latest information and data on EU-28 and global markets;

Weekly report on the situation on grain and oilseed markets in Poland and the world:

  • latest price quotations;
  • latest news and market data from Poland and the world;
  • latest grain and oilseed price quotations derived from global commodity exchanges;

Daily information and data covering grain and oilseed markets:

  • latest legislature
  • price quotations derived from global commodity exchanges
  • tender results
  • latest statistics
  • latest news from grain and oilseed markets

Permanent access to the latest market information and data through internet, mail or telephone contact.

Immediate assistance in obtaining the necessary data and market information.